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Always looking for that perfume ... 




I always considered myself as an experimentalist of life and researcher of feelings where all types of music are welcome to join on my journey



Through my innumerous projects, I realized that in most of times, our choices and artistic positioning are always limited, making our initial perspectives too awkward and hard by nature. 


Every single time that I discover new melodic horizons, my skills and commitment achieve a strong youth expressivity with a huge firmness and dedication showed on the values of “meet and serve”.


I always knew that to be a musician, it is not only necessary to have an instrument and make magic with it… NO!


We must understand what we want, what we feel, what is around us and transmit that, through an original language with an ultimate enthusiasm and confidence.


This was always been my dynamics and my badge in my career.

I’ve never considered myself as a musician by excellence, but I always follow this path that when I start a project, all my sensorial and physical senses, transforms itself on a professional way, having as the final goal, the transmission of “savoir-faire”, always listening (…)


                                                                                             bebe serra



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